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509 Mini Me Tiny Stove

$650.00 $1,101.31 saving $451.31
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509 Mini Me Tiny Stove

$650.00 $1,101.31 saving $451.31
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The first of its kind, the Mini Me Tiny Stove combines compact design with efficient burn time in an all-steel constructed stove built specifically for smaller spaces. For recreational use only, the Mini Me features a non-electric and patented gravity fed design for use with densified logs, suiting many tiny spaces such as:

  • RVs
  • Wall Tents
  • Yurts
  • Tiny Homes
  • Sheds
  • Ice Shanties
  • Cabins
  • Green Houses
  • Skoolies

Living up to the name, our stove is easy to light, operate, and maintain; built with the very best quality, features, and durability for your small space. 

Two models are available: 8 and 12 hour burn time. Removable firepot is optional (8F and 12F). Standard model has removable bricks and a built-in ash pan with Fresh air attachment.

Once your purchase is made, our team will contact you to arrange shipping details. *Depending on location of shipping address, additional charges may apply. (Example being a remote or rural location). Shipping generally runs between 140 and 220 to a commercial location. Shipping to your door is more. 


    Densified Log Length: 3 3/4" diameter and smaller logs only.
    Burn Time:
    • 8/8F: Up to 8 hours depending on log used and damper setting
    • 12/12F: Up to 12 Hours depending on log used and damper setting

    Heating Capacity: 200-400 sq ft
    Pipe vents: 4 inch Single Wall Pipe and 4 inch Class A Pipe
    Width: 19” front 6” back
    Height: 18”
    Depth: 19”
    Feed Tube Height:

    • 8 / 8F: 18”
    • 12 / 12F: 29”

    Total Height:

    • 8 / 8F: 36”
    • 12 / 12F: 47”


    • 8 / 8F: 97 lbs
    • 12 / 12F: 111 lbs

    Removable fire pot or bricks
    Pedestal and ash pan options
    Burns wood in emergencies (burn times are shorter)
    Non-EPA/UL Listed Recreational Stove Only

    • Load only twice a day!

      Keeping you asleep at night and doing what you love during the day.

    • Certain Models Can be operated without electricity

      Take the mini stove anywhere “off the grid” without the requirement of electricity.

    • Efficient, easy to operate and maintain, no wood mess!

      Utilizing biomass fuel, burn time is clean and extended with our patented design. No need to build a kindle fire and less mess to load than traditional stoves with cordwood. No Bugs, Pitch and Bark Mess.

    • Uses Compressed Logs

      Uses Presto Logs or 3 3/4" compressed logs. Presto Logs are readily available.