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509 Mini Me Tiny Stove

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509 Mini Me Tiny Stove

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The first of its kind, the Mini Me Tiny Stove combines compact design with efficient burn time in an all-steel constructed stove built specifically for smaller spaces. For recreational use only, the Mini Me features a non-electric and patented gravity fed design for use with densified logs, suiting many tiny spaces such as:

  • RVs
  • Wall Tents
  • Yurts
  • Tiny Homes
  • Sheds
  • Ice Shanties
  • Cabins
  • Green Houses
  • Skoolies

Living up to the name, our stove is easy to light, operate, and maintain; built with the very best quality, features, and durability for your small space. 

Two models are available: 8 and 12 hour burn time. Removable firepot is optional (8F and 12F). Standard model has removable bricks and a built-in ash pan with Fresh air attachment.


    Densified Log Length: 3 3/4" diameter and smaller logs only.
    Burn Time:
    • 8/8F: Up to 8 hours depending on log used and damper setting
    • 12/12F: Up to 12 Hours depending on log used and damper setting

    Heating Capacity: 200-400 sq ft
    Pipe vents: 4 inch Single Wall Pipe and 4 inch Class A Pipe
    Width: 19” front 6” back
    Height: 18”
    Depth: 19”
    Feed Tube Height:

    • 8 / 8F: 18”
    • 12 / 12F: 29”

    Total Height:

    • 8 / 8F: 36”
    • 12 / 12F: 47”


    • 8 / 8F: 97 lbs
    • 12 / 12F: 111 lbs

    Removable fire pot or bricks
    Pedestal and ash pan options
    Burns wood in emergencies (burn times are shorterr)
    Non-EPA/UL Listed Recreational Stove Only

    • Load only twice a day!

      Keeping you asleep at night and doing what you love during the day.

    • Certain Models Can be operated without electricity

      Take the mini stove anywhere “off the grid” without the requirement of electricity.

    • Efficient, easy to operate and maintain, no wood mess!

      Utilizing biomass fuel, burn time is clean and extended with our patented design. No need to build a kindle fire and less mess to load than traditional stoves with cordwood. No Bugs, Pitch and Bark Mess.

    • Energy Logs are readily available

      North Idaho Energy Logs, Presto Logs, and Tok Wood Fuels, amongst others, can be found in many locations and still provide an ambient fireview in our stoves.