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Frequently Asked Questions about the 509 Optimum Stove.


Does the Stove require electricity?

The stove does require electricity, but not as much as a pellet stove.  There is no computer controller, and no auger or auger motor, just an exhaust fan and a room fan. 2.9 Amps total. (About 350 watts)


How is the Stove exhausted?

The stove is vented out the back side normally with 3” Pellet Pipe directly out the side wall of the structure. Then it is best to go up a couple feet and we recommend bring in outside combustion air as well.


What type of fuel does the Stove use?

The stove burns all natural compressed sawdust logs.  There are many manufacturers and different sizes of logs in both diameter and length. Do not burn logs with additives in them such as wax or other binders.  Logs like these are usually in a paper wrapper or the boxes are clearly marked with what is in the logs.


Can the Stove burn cord wood, pellets or waste products?

The stove will not burn wood logs, pellets, and other types of waste products.


How efficient are energy logs compared to pellets?

The 509 Optimum stove was built to be extremely efficient. The logs burn more like wood in a wood stove.  We are extracting all the heat we can off of the stove and putting it in the room so the exhaust is a lot cooler than pellet stoves. The stove also creates a lot less ash than a pellet stove so you are getting more heat from the same amount of fuel than a pellet stove.  You also get radiant heat like a wood stove from the 509 Optimum instead of just convection heat like a pellet stove.


Are manufactured logs a sustainable and clean fuel source?

Yes they are.  The all natural sawdust logs are made from a by-product of manufacturing, making them carbon neutral.  Logs are made year round and stock piled so the supply will not dwindle in the most used times of winter.  The logs burn clean and produce less ash.


How much does the stove weigh?

The stove weighs right about 500lbs. 


Where is the 509 Optimum Stove Made?

All 509 stoves are proudly made in the USA in Post Falls, ID right on the Washington/Idaho Stateline. 


Does 509 Fabrications install the 509 Optimum Stove?

We do not install stoves. As the manufacturer, we are not allowed to do so. We can deliver to your shop or home, but you will need to have the stove installed by a qualified install techician. We have a list of such skilled local technicians to share with customers in need of one.