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No more Cutting firewood or lifting heavy bags of pellets.
99.5% overall combustion efficiency.

2020 EPA Approved

changing the stove industry

I was a wood guy for a lot of years, had friends and knew people who had pellet stoves, and others with some sort of “Shop Stove”. The people with pellet stoves were always breaking, waiting for parts and complaining of all the dust and wrestling the large bags of pellets. Fighting with wood starting with going to get it and dedicating several weekends a year to finding and getting wood put up. Driving there, gas used, chainsaw and maintenance, cutting a tree up, loading it, splitting it, stacking it, hauling it into the house to finally set it on fire! The bugs, the pitch, the bark, and mess. Having to get all dressed up to go out to the woodshed to get a load of firewood to only track in the snow and dirt from being outside. Constantly getting an earful about why we were doing all this just to heat the house. Waiting a year to season the wood to burn the next fall. I wanted, and so did others, a new stove that addresses all these problems. Now I go out to the garage, without even a jacket, and grab a couple of logs and drop them in the stove. 

The quest to bring the World’s First Presto Log Burning stove to market started 9 years ago in Mr. Frank Reeds Garage in Hayden, ID. The stove has gone through 100’s of changes to get it ready to manufacture and sell. The goal was to bring a “New” kind of Hybrid stove to market that was super-efficient, burned clean, stayed lit all night, and pass the 2020 EPA regulations looming on the horizon. The 509 Optimum reached the goals we set and surpassed others. 

The 509 Optimum stove is 79%, third party verified efficient, and burns at 1.49 gr. of emissions. It burns so well it is even on the list of approved devices to sell in Fairbanks, AK., an area known for poor air quality in the winter.The 509 Optimum was entered in the New Products Pavilion at the 2017 International Hearth Patio BBQ show in Atlanta, GA. We won the “Best New Marketable Product of the Year” Award there. This is voted on by the attendees of the show that are manufacturers, Dealers, Dealer Rep’s, etc. We were also invited to bring the stove to the November 2018 Alliance for Green Heat Stove Competition in WA DC. The 509 Optimum Won “The Peoples Choice Award” there.

Green Heat Product

We've built a product that helps make the world a better place.

509-1 Optimum Stove

Densified fuel logs have been around since the early 1930’s and are a popular choice to burn if you run out of wood, but they do not burn in a woodstove like they are designed to burn in the 509 Optimum stove. Why did it take almost 85 years for someone to come up with the idea to burn the logs efficiently, and why had no one patented the idea yet? Because it is very hard to burn one piece of wood at a time. The wood needs another log to combust from to burn clean and efficient. In a wood stove, you need to burn 2 or 3 logs at a time in order to have a good fire or you need a good bed of coals to set the one log in to make it burn right. We hear from a lot of people who come and look at the stove, “Finally someone made a stove to burn those logs!”

The 509 Optimum takes all the naturally manufactured logs, and gravity feeds them into a very small firebox, crowding the log and essentially vaporizing the fuel, burning only part of one log at a time. The stove rarely smokes outside due to the way we burn the fuel. Smoke going out your chimney to the outside is essentially unburned fuel, BTU’s, lost heat. 

Smoke is polluting the air and creating hazardous breathing conditions in the winter. We all want a stove that doesn’t smoke outside, performs in your home like it did in the test lab, and that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. These are the reasons why we built this stove. 

~ Dusty Henderson 

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"We bought our stove from Dusty in 2018. After using it for a full winter we can only say that it was GREAT! It was the first time in years our house was actually warm. Dusty is so helpful in anything that you need for your stove. He even came to our house to make sure all was working properly. We highly recommend buying a stove from him."
Lisa Theil