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509-1 Optimum Stove

$3,195.00 $3,795.00 saving $600.00
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509-1 Optimum Stove

$3,195.00 $3,795.00 saving $600.00
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Our original patented design, kindled by an idea to keep homes warm through the night. This is our residential stove producing the greenest heat available today. Fully loaded, the Optimum Stove burns through the night. With a Hot Air Igniter for fire starting and a damper to control heat output, you can control the settings for the needs of your home. Two layers of firebrick line the firebox. Electricity is required to burn. Two low-amp motors on the back are used for exhaust and the convection heat room blower. (2.9 Amps total)


Product Features

Removable bricks: Easy cleaning and replacement

Side Wall Vented and Fan Controlled: No big chimney needed! Sidewall vent for more economical home installation and fan control optimizes burn cycle.

Efficient and Safe: Non catalytic and rated #1 for fuel efficiency. By design, fire cannot burn up the feed tube.

Tested in home environments: Ensuring our stove meets our standards and your expectations for home heating

Lifetime Warranty: We stand behind our product with a Lifetime Warranty on the body of the stove and a 1 Year Warranty on glass, blower motors, igniter, and paint.


Densified Log Length: Up to 4.5” diameter and smaller logs
Burn Time: 2.5-4 hours per log, Up to 12 hours on low
Heating Capacity: 2500 sq ft
Pipe vents: 3” Pellet Pipe
BTU Range: 14500 to 42K BTU
Width: 26”
Total Height: 60” with feed tube
Height to stove top: 39”
Depth: 32”
Feed Tube Height: 21”
Total Height: 63”
Weight: 515lbs
3 plus Log Capacity
EPA 2020 approved
UL Listed

  • Patented Technology

    509 Stoves are specially designed and patented, making them the first of their kind to burn longer and cleaner. A gravity-fed system pushes air down the tube so logs burn only at the end, vaporizing wood for a slow, complete burn with little to no smoke. We built these stoves to burn through the night on a full load of fuel, no waking to stoke the fire.

  • All-Steel Construction

    The build quality of our stoves is unsurpassed. US sourced steel is laser cut and bent for each stove with quality control from every angle. When it comes to materials, if we can get it in the US, we do!

  • Easy to Operate and Maintain

    Starting a fire has never been easier or more efficient with some models having a built in hot air igniter. Our stoves are capable of loading only twice during a 24 hour period, keeping you doing what you love to do, or getting a full night of sleep, rather than maintaining a fire. Cleaning is minimal with an ash vacuum or removable ash pot, depending on your stove model. Burning logs produces less ash, allowing for less frequent and easier cleaning.

  • Renewable Energy sources

    Densified logs, also known as Biomass Fuel logs are made from recycled sawdust, an all-natural by-product of manufacturing, making them a great green fuel resource. These logs burn efficiently and safely in your home and recreational settings without the hassle of traditional cord wood. No more bugs, dirt and pitch or the mess of cutting, splitting, and stacking traditional cord wood. The Optimum Stove Model has an industry high 79% efficiency rating.