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  • Do You Have a 2020 EPA Certified Stove?

    There are a lot of wood and pellet stoves on the market today. Some are better than others, providing more or less efficiency, emitting various levels of emissions, and costing more or less to fuel and heat your home or shop with. Make sure you get a 2020 EPA Compliant Stove.
  • Award Winning Northwest Made Energy Log Stove

    The Award Winning EPA Certified 509 Optimum Stove is made in the Northwest. The stove is the first of it's kind to be designed to exclusively burn renewable manufactured densified biofuel logs.
  • New Invention! The Patented 509 Optimum Energy Log Stove!

    This revolutionary and innovative invention is creating cleaner air, warm homes, and happy customers all over the Inland Northwest. The 509 Optimum Log Stove.
  • North Idaho Energy Logs and 509 Optimum

    Burning North Idaho Energy Logs and Natural Sawdust Logs in the new 509 Optimum Stove North Idaho Energy Logs and 509 Optimum Stove. Manufactured s...
  • Pellet Stove Options and The Other Types

    Pellet Stove Options and the other types of stoves available are a big decision with all the research that can go along with it. Probably more options than what you would like to have. 
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