Meet the World’s First Patented, Non-Electric, Gravity Fed Log Stove

Explore the Mini Me

New Steelhead Mini Wood Stove

Our new Recreational Mini Wood Stove is perfect for any off-grid living or recreational situation. Yurts, ice fishing shanties, converted school buses, wall tents... the possibilities for this small wood stove are endless. It has an eight hour burn time, and can burn 18" hardwood or compressed logs.

Optimum Stove

The larger cousin to the Mini Me stove is the 509-1 Optimum. This Stove is EPA 2020 Approved for Shops and Homes. This model puts out between 17,500 - 40,000 BTU's depending on the brand of log used and the damper settings. No auger motors, or computers.  Super high efficiency, low emissions and innovative design. The stove burns all night on a load of fuel, burning only the end of the log in the fire pot, letting gravity do its job with the other logs in the feed tube. (Electricity Required)

Most Efficient

Using carbon-neutral fuel, our Mini-Me and Optimum stoves burn clean with renewable resources via densified logs, known also as Presto logs. These logs are made from recycled wood waste into a compressed log shape and provide a high density, low moisture resource for longer, hotter burn time than traditional cordwood. You get the best heat output from our stoves with radiant and convection heat for long-lasting warmth for your entire environment. With a gravity fed tube, the log fuel stays in the fire box for a complete burn, generating more heat and pulling the heat off the stove to make the exhaust temperatures lower putting more BTU’s into your home.. The vent is installed out of the sidewall of structures, making installation more economical on the powered models.


Our team of local, skilled professionals each play a special role in the manufacture and quality of our stoves. We don’t use assembly lines here. All of our stoves are hand-welded and painted in our own paint booth, then assembly is finished on site all the way to packaging. Each stove has the finishing details you can expect on a handmade product. Craftsman, skilled fabricators, professional painters and engineers all give superior attention to detail for optimal functionality and quality assurance.

“Built by Hand in the USA”

As a family business, our stoves are designed and manufactured from start to finish in Post Falls, Idaho. Our products are manufactured and sold factory direct and from authorized dealers across the Northwest.

Meet the World’s First Patented, Non-Electric, Gravity Fed Log Stove

Introducing the Mini Me Stove: Gravity fed heat that lasts all night long

  • Load Only Twice a Day!

    Using Presto logs, the Mini Me (12 / 12F) will burn up to 12 hours .

  • Can be operated without electricity

    Take this stove anywhere “off the grid” without the requirement of electricity

  • Efficient, easy to operate and maintain, no wood mess!

    Utilizing biomass fuel logs, burn time is clean and extended with our patented design. No need to build a kindle fire and less mess to load than traditional stoves and cordwood.

  • Easy to Find Fuel

    The Mini Me Burns logs 3.75” in Diameter or smaller. Presto Logs are readily available. See our fuel section.

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    Lifetime Warranty

    We stand behind our Optimum Stove with a Lifetime Warranty on the body of the stove and a 1 Year Warranty on glass, blower motors, igniter, and paint.

    *No warranty on recreational stoves

First of it's Kind

Experience the revolutionary Mini Me stove.

About 509 Stoves

Patented Technology

509 Stoves are specially designed and patented, making them the first of their kind to burn longer and cleaner. A gravity-fed system pushes air down the tube so logs burn only at the end, vaporizing wood for a slow, complete burn with little to no smoke. We built these stoves to burn through the night on a full load of fuel, no waking to stoke the fire.

All-Steel Construction

The build quality of our stoves is unsurpassed. US sourced steel is laser cut and bent for each stove with quality control from every angle. When it comes to materials, if we can get it in the US, we do!

Easy to Operate and Maintain

Starting a fire has never been easier or more efficient with some models having a built in hot air igniter. Our stoves are capable of loading only twice during a 24 hour period, keeping you doing what you love to do, or getting a full night of sleep, rather than maintaining a fire. Cleaning is minimal with an ash vacuum or removable ash pot, depending on your stove model. Burning logs produces less ash, allowing for less frequent and easier cleaning.

Renewable Energy sources

Densified logs, also known as Biomass Fuel logs are made from recycled sawdust, an all-natural by-product of manufacturing, making them a great green fuel resource. These logs burn efficiently and safely in your home and recreational settings without the hassle of traditional cord wood. No more bugs, dirt and pitch or the mess of cutting, splitting, and stacking traditional cord wood. The Optimum Stove Model has an industry high 79% efficiency rating.


From customers just like you.

"This past Nov we purchased the Mini stove from 509 Fabrications. Wow, talk about life changing. Easy to start, runs all night long and keep the cabin so warm. Once in a while when I have it going all day we have to crack a window open in the evening it is putting out so much nice warm dry heat. Very solid craftsmanship, Just LOVE the stove!!!"

Wonderful people. Amazing product. Best stove ever!!!

We bought our stove from Dusty in 2018. After using it for a full winter we can only say that it was GREAT! It was the first time in years our house was actually warm. Dusty is so helpful in anything that you need for your stove. He even came to our house to make sure all was working properly. We highly recommend buying a stove from him.